Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On humor and hatred

I spent the afternoon studying with two old friends. We've known each other since we were in junior high at least, and have kind of kept in touch. The two of them have remained really good friends and have that bond you only get with your best friend. I'm sure it's how Jill and I are when we're in the same room. But the one girl I didn't know as well has never liked me, and I've never really liked her. After not seeing her for a year, I figured why not start over? So I thought everything was going fine, but then our mutual friend told me the other girl still thinks I'm a mean, selfish person.

Apparently it came down to the fact that I'm sarcastic and have a very peculiar sense of humor around people I'm comfortable with. Most of my friends know that when I'm making fun of them, I'm really not serious. If I really get mad or think something that's not nice, I'll hold it inside and be extra sweet. So when I found out this other girl STILL doesn't like me, I was half incredulous and half upset. I don't see that I'm in the wrong at all! Really, she needs to get used to the fact that other people have different styles of humor than her. *sigh*

But Jesus is teaching me humility and I apologized to her for coming across as an arrogant jerk. I tried my best not to explain it away and instead, try to show her I love her as a sister in Christ. So our study sesh today was kind of an experiment for me. And we had a fantastic time.

Now, I'm hoping she'll let me know if she gets upset by something I say. And I'm also trying to keep my more "undecipherable" humor in check.

Ahhhhhhh life.

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  1. WOW. that sounds like a piece from my life. I have done that too many times to count. But have learned to follow it up real quickly with just kidding, or just not even being sarcastic at all with people that don't know me. Which is really. really. hard. like really. :)