Monday, April 5, 2010

Going down, down, down in flames

Half way through my day. It feels strange to begin life at 7:30am again. Everyone is posting on Facebook about how great the first day of the quarter was. I'm not gonna lie. It sucked. I only had 2 of my classes, and I didn't even have my earliest one, but it still sucked. I used to think the first day of the quarter was the best because you don't have to DO anything or pay attention. Now I changed my mind. It's one of the worst days because you sit down, look at lists of things you have to accomplish in 10 weeks, and wonder how you're ever going to manage it all.

On top of school I just have so many things to do. I keep forgetting about the dodgeball tournament that my cg is creating and how I'm supposed to be heading up part of the PR team. Ug.

I had a chat with Caroline last night which was absolutely lovely. I've missed that girl so much. With my new quarter just starting, I'm hoping to get a new routine set which will involve regular time in The Word and in solitude, along with weekly Skype/phone dates with Emily and Caroline (and soon to be Jill).

Today I got to spend some time just looking through my Bible. It was kind of fun, actually. I've discovered over the past few months that my entire growing up life I've been taught to do certain things because that will make God love you. Not only that, but if you dare to deviate from "normal" you're obviously doing something wrong. Like reading the Bible. A person must sit down in a quiet place and read one book of the Bible, a few chapters at a time, and always get important lessons from it. After this reading, the person should memorize part of the passage they read. So when I just flipped through and read verses from Psalms and Titus I felt so......bad. (funny, feeling bad about reading the Bible) But one of the things I've been learning is how to liberate myself from being religious and making/following man-made rules.

Evidences of God's Grace:

  • time for a latte before I left
  • ice cream
  • no homework
  • Shannon Storm

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