Monday, April 19, 2010

I'll sing God is faithful

Last night's sermon was on Luke 6:17-36. I've spent the last several hours digesting everything I heard. I was very convicted by the fact that I tend to conform too much to the world and not have a strong enough backbone to stand up for what I believe. Also, I so easily fall into the back-stabbing that everyone else does. After the sermon, Pastor Chris said "if I asked any one of your friends or family if you're a Christian and they even hesitated before they answered, something's wrong." Yeah.....I think there would be some hesitation. So I'm praying for strength to always give glory back to Jesus and strength to stand when necessary.

Some questions I walked away with last night:
  • If everyone loves you something's wrong...So what do I do when I feel like everyone does? Am I just tricking myself?
  • Love your enemies. Sure. Why can't I think of any enemies?
  • Once you identify who hate you, how do you practically love them? How does blessing those who curse you look?
  • I know I should be forgiving to ******* because he's one of the people who has done me the most evil. I've tried but can't forgive. How can I work on that?
  • Jesus IN me.
  • Guard yourself against doubt.
One way God has shown is grace in my life is...
another $1,500 scholarship which means that I have enough $$ to go to Central next fall.
how He's been showing me that my desires to work in law enforcement aren't selfish and attention seeking.
peace in the middle of daily turmoil.
laughter with people I didn't know 6 months ago.
freedom from idols.
how He showed me that my relationships and friends have become far too important to me and that I need to re-focus on Him.

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