Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yes, I can be me

Sometimes I try too much to be like other people. To be fair, I have some astounding people in my life. And there is a lot to learn from many of them. Actually, if I put a little bit of all of them together I might get the perfect person! But I catch myself WAY too much seeing things other people do and going "oh! I should get on that!" or "my blog should be like hers" or "if I could have friends like her, I would be so happy" etc.

I'm still finding who I am in this crazy messed up world. I catch myself making mistake after mistake. By myself I'm just a train wreck.

That's why I love Jesus so much.

And my take-home from the sermon today is that I need to take time out of my life for Jesus to pour Himself into me. To do: schedule time for silence and solitude.

God's grace is enough for me today. I don't feel like posting evidences of it.

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