Saturday, February 20, 2010

"I've been going here for 7 years and I'm almost done!"

The above is a statement heard by myself and a certain Emily Yeaton at Bellevue College today. What was I doing there you might ask? And on a weekend? Well, this certain Emily and I decided that since it was such a beautifully glorious day, and since Emily hadn't been to Bellevue College in SUCH a long time (she used to grace the halls once upon a time) that we would take ourselves there. We walked the nearly empty campus and took pictures like Asian tourists. We passed "spots" where I have memories with a bazillion people and christened our own new spot. We talked about friends,school, boys, strange people circling the parking lot, churches, how I get to see her again in a week, and how long a week is.

Before that, I spent an hour enjoying the beeeutiful sunshine Jesus brought out for us Seattleites. Janda (the guide dog pupster) and I explored our neighborhood quite a bit, which was lovely!

And even before THAT, my awesome friend Julz and I drove in to Seattle to visit Seattle Pacific University and a certain Laura friend who is....pretty much the sweetest girl I've ever known.

Visiting her and talking to Em just made me super excited about going to Central. I just can't wait till I can be in the dorms, and having "my" campus. Having floor-mates....yes! *sigh* I am trying to be patient while I wait.

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