Wednesday, February 24, 2010

highlighters and dance tape

Yesterday we picked our scene for my drama class. I'm very excited about all the potential we have in ours! The  lady who I'm playing opposite is SO much fun, and we're just going to have a great time playing around on stage together. (we're starting rehearsals tomorrow :D)

Yesterday I was also playing around with choreography for our dance show (for Jazz class) and I got too close to the piano bench and whacked my foot really hard into it. Needless to say, I broke at least one toe and spent the rest of the night icing it. Now it's taped, so hopefully it won't re-set deformed or anything. Not gonna lie, I love the pity it gets. But then again, I kind of deserve the pity because today I danced and ran on this broken toe. Ahhhh I love my life.

I DO love my time with Jesus, though. When I consistently stay with Jesus, magical things happen to my attitude and outlook on life.

Evidences of God's Grace:

  • free sermons online
  • being relaxed during a crazy week
  • celery, carrots, yogurt with raspberries, and milk  

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