Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday, after my post about unsuppressable joy, I had a miserable end of my shift at work. The other girl working (18 year old) hung out in the bar while her last table sat around. There were a million tables to be cleaned and re-set, the back line was a mess, I still had 4 tables, but instead of helping out she just cleaned her own tables and went in the bar. First of all, that's illegal. Second, it bugs the snot out of me when I have such a great work ethic and other people are so lazy. After I snapped at our bartender (which is totally out of character at work because #1 I love our bartender and #2 99% of the time I'm working I'm a perky kid) then I realized what I had posted earlier in the day and what I had read about suffering well. 

So no, I'm not being tortured for my faith or driven out of my home. I'm not suffering on even CLOSE to the level of some people. But working hard when everyone else slacks off is kind of a form of suffering, I think. So I had to apologize to our bartender and tried to embody that joy that I have because it's not all about my job or how well other people do their job. It's about how Jesus loves me enough that he gave me that job.

Plus I've always tried to do my job for Jesus and no one else. Yes, I want my employer and co-workers to see Jesus in me by the way I work, but in the end there are times when it'd be easy to do something that isn't right--but no one would know. Except God. 

Thank you, Jesus for that job.

Evidences of God's grace:
  • $82 take home in tips last night
  • being able to practice concepts I'm learning
  • Friday and Saturday not doing ANYTHING except working!

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