Thursday, February 4, 2010


Tonight we continued our study in I Kings. One of the take-homes was God's incredible faithfulness to people (like us!) who sin over and over and over again and fully KNOW they're doing it.

The big thing that hit me was how the kings kept sinning and sinning like their fathers did. Someone touched briefly on generational sin and how one guy broke the chain of sinning and the impact that had on his life and the life of the nation of Israel. The reason this hit me is that my family definitely has a problem with a generational sin. My dad got it from his dad who got it from his dad and it keeps going on and on. And since in my family I'm more like my dad than either of my brothers, it partially freaked me out and was partially accepted to me that I'd continue on this generational sin. That's just the way I'm made. But it doesn't have to be that way because I can be the Asa in my family. My brothers and I can be the ones to CHOOSE to break the trend. And yeah, it'll be hard, but what could be a better legacy to my kids than to be the barrier so they don't have to battle the same thing.

God has shown his grace to me today in that I don't have to sin this way. I have hope for my future for the first time in....a long time.

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