Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This one's for you and me livin' out our dreams

I forgot to post my picture yesterday...sorry! Yesterday's item was mail. And since I've been working on graduation announcements, it was perfect timing.

Yes. Those are Christmas stamps. When I was at my parent's house, I asked if they had any stamps and they did. Sure, they're the wrong season, but they're free! Speaking of mail, I got a letter in the mail from miss Cortney which just made my day. There are few things which make me feel as loved and appreciated as getting a letter via snail mail. 

Today was an interesting day. It's my slow day so I should have gotten a lot accomplished....well I kinda did. Tied up several RA loose ends that needed to be done. Worked a little on my paper. That's about it. But I love Wednesdays because I have a meeting with the leadership teams from all the residence halls and with my hall's leadership team. Usually my boss helps run our hall's meeting since we're both "advisors" but tonight he couldn't make it. So I got to have the "we need to be doing our jobs better" conversation without him. I think it went well....the rest of the meeting worked out. 

The funny thing about those conversations and the similar ones I have with residents about breaking policy is I always wonder how seriously they take the convo. I mean, most of the time I'm a joyful, smiley person.I don't see a point in being serious unless I need to be. My favorite thing from Jesus is joy. So I try to be nice. Even in confrontations I generally head towards the "I need to tell you this, but don't hate me" style. I can be the authoritative person....ask any Explorer or some of my ressies...I just choose not to be. Anyway, but when the ressies walk away from those conversations I'm always curious if they think it was a joke or if they realize that's my way of telling them nicely to cut it out.

Today's photo assignment was: someone who makes you happy.

I could pretty much open my door yell "I need somebody!" and pick any one of the people that comes flocking towards me.


This is Kelsie. I picked her for so uber many reasons. She's one of my residents and I really can't remember how we first met outside of the mandatory meetings. It might have been during the leadership council meetings or when she came to church with me. ANYway, one of my favorite things about Kelsie is her laugh. She makes me giggle. I was upstairs in the SURC one day and could hear her laugh all the way in the dining area. And she's super cute. I like surrounding myself with beautiful people :)

But probably my favorite thing about Kelsie is her character. She loves Jesus and it's a beautiful thing. She is joyful, caring, trustworthy, hard-working, dedicated to excellence, has integrity, and is someone that I'm very excited to call a friend once she's no longer my ressie. The physical test for ROTC (which she's part of) is very similar to the police force so we trained together last quarter. There's just something about having her there that makes me want to do my best. We struggle with different areas, so she definitely pushes me beyond where I feel like I can go. When I tested for my last agency, I ran the 1.5 mile the very best I could to honor two people: Deputy C and Kelsie. She might be younger than me, but I've learned a lot from her. Also, she will be an RA next year. I am SO excited for her. I feel like we're very similar in some ways so she'll have all the best qualities that I brought to the position and more. She'll be that RA who all her girls adore and the guys respect. Anyway, I like this kid a lot. I eat with/workout/see her a lot and every time I always feel so good afterwards.

One last thing before I head off. I have to lose about....11 pounds to be able to test with State Patrol. It's probably time I got rid of the spring break chub anyway. I decided to really minimize starches for a while. So now I'm eating a lot of salads, steamed veggies and shrimp, smoothies, juice, fruit, salted nuts, straight protein, etc. I'm also trying to severely cut down on sugar. So far I'm doing well. already down a couple of pounds and it's been 2 days.

So there's my long post! :)

Evidences of God's Grace:

  • beautiful weather
  • talking to Jill before she left the country!
  • letter from Cortney
  • mini worship sesh before class
  • a good workout
  • sticking with my food limits today
  • only having one class

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