Friday, April 6, 2012

L.I.F.E. G.O.E.S. O.N.

Today's picture: tiny

I wasn't really sure what I was going to do for "tiny." Not many things are small here. But when I got back to my room, I saw this tiny little teddy bear.

I made sure the other things were in there for sizing. The little green bear was a gift from Caroline's grandparents last Easter. One year ago on Sunday, I was in Chicago with Caroline and her family. I spent Easter with her and her family and her friend Kaleigh. Caro's grandparents left Easter baskets for each of the girls and one for Kaleigh and me! It was so super sweet of them. It was weird not being with my family last year, but I flew home just in time to have dinner leftovers at my parents' house. And I even made it in time to see my grandma last year! 

That was an interesting trip. I got to meet some very important people in Caro's life, I got to see her college, and I learned some valuable lessons. One interesting thing is how very different schools can be. She goes to a great college, but most of the people there are thinkers. In order to be admitted, you have to be super smart and talented. While I was there I felt more intelligent, but at the same time I felt stupid. And I rarely ever feel stupid. People were talking about Aristotle and some of the greatest philosophers in every day conversation. I think it's really cool that such amazing minds are being cultivated to their fullest at that college. However, I also began to really appreciate CWU. It's home for me. All of the people are ridiculously friendly and down to earth. No one is snobby or pretentious. Sure, I'm learning very practical things and I may not be one of the great minds of the future, but I'm studying communication so that I can go out and USE it with every day people. I may not be a future leader of the nation, but I'll be that one person making a quiet difference every day in my job. And my cute, quiet, laid back, country school can teach me everything I need to know. <3

I also learned a bit about grace on that trip. It was difficult for me because I flew all the way over to Michigan and Chicago to visit, but another friend of Caro's came home with her for Easter as well. Her family is extremely gracious and wonderful hosts. However, I had already met them two other times and the other guest was new. Plus, Caro has history with me but sees the other guest every day at school, so she is used to spending more time with the other gal. I felt like I was a third wheel from the moment I walked in the door. Caro's family and sisters ended up hanging out with me more than she did, I felt. But I took it all very poorly and ended up pouting. I was extremely selfish and didn't go out of my way to welcome the other guest or to be very friendly once we got to the house. I was jealous. Plain and simple. I was thinking "it's not fair that this other girl gets to see Caro every day, and I fly in from Seattle, and I get put on the back burner. Not intentionally, but it's more natural for her to spend time with the other girl." 

Like I said it ended up pretty badly with me in tears and Caro's mom trying to mediate. Being gracious is something I've never been good at. I like having things my way and when I don't get what I planned on, or what I want, I manipulate other people till I get what I want. I learned that I need to work on grace. It was a tough place and time to learn it since I only had a few days and wanted to enjoy them. I really hope next time I see Caroline that it will be great and fun. 

This year I won't be spending Easter with my parents, again. I'll be on duty over the weekend and it wouldn't be practical to be home at 7pm on Sunday. *sigh* Maybe next year...

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