Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am the luckiest

What a great day. Beautiful. Just reminded by the sun and 79 degree heat how much God knows what we need. See I have weather issues. When it's cloudy, I tend toward the melancholy sad side. Not that it's been rainy and cloudy a lot here, but recently I just needed sun.

This is what I saw. My bestie Brittney, my favorite Katie, former (forever) roomie Alex, and lovely Emily and I went to a cute Bavarian town a couple of hours from campus. We had a great time visiting all the shops, getting lunch, ice cream, sampling food, bathroom hunting, and just hanging out/finding silly sayings/doing silly things.
I liked this one a lot :) But anyway, apparently last year when we went on our yearly trip, I was frustrated about something that I don't really remember. What was really odd is that situation came up multiple times. I know that I'm a very passionate person, and I know that every once in a while, I am the kind of pitbull that will hold onto a position that I hold with a locked jaw and no intention of letting go. I had no idea that what I did last year was such a big deal that it was one of the first things brought up when we were talking about "remember how last year...". What a reality check. Man, there are times that this is really important. I think that it's a factor in what makes me successful. I know that I want perfection and I won't give up until I've come as close as I can. However, in friendships it brings an interesting dimension. It was convicting again about how highly I think of myself. I feel like I'm always right. What pride. That's pride that Jesus died for. I was convicted earlier about having my heart in the right place, but I think it also needs to be changed.

But despite the few awkward conversations, I really enjoyed the day. I'm going to miss those ladies, and I REALLY hope I can go with them next year.

When I came back home, Kelsie and I got food. She decided to get cereal which she proceeded to spill on the cafeteria floor. I was laughing so hard that my head hurt! Then I got to have a nice chat with Danielle. She is so sweet. I have gotten to actually talk to her twice in a couple of days and I hope I get a lot more time with her.

Evidences of God's grace:
  • minimal sunburn
  • a joyful trip
  • power! I have a fan to keep me cool tonight. 
  • not having homework

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