Friday, April 20, 2012

these should be the best days of our lives

"So slow it down you move a little too fast
You take a deep breath, you make this last
These should be the best days of your life"
It's just been a whirlwind of stuff. I picked dates to test as a dispatcher and corrections officer in May. Police officer testing will be in June. It's so exciting. Still scary, but the dispatch and corrections tests aren't nearly as nerve-wracking as police officer testing. It's just weird that this could be the rest of  my life. People keep asking how I feel about graduation and my answer is always the same--I'll feel better once I have a job.

Also! I got my research approved! So excited. I have to figure out what communication theories are present in my study and then I'm set. Again, it's really weird to be doing these "end of your college career" things.
Yeah, that's my college graduation cap and gown. I found out I'll be graduating magna cum laude which means I have to choose between the silver and CWU tassel. I remember that after high school graduation, I put the tassel on my car's rearview mirror...Wow graduation is coming too soon.

Until that fateful day, life has been full of hanging out with residents, programming, sitting through classes, doing little bits of homework here and there, spending time with friends, and the most recent addition has been weekly nights at the bar with my staff team. 

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