Saturday, January 9, 2010

This Defines It

People often ask why I want to work in law enforcement. I wrote this for a scholarship in one of those moments of inspiration and it really defines my reasons.

To be the change, to be the difference, to be the hope for someone—all of that is possible as a police officer. Every day police officers go to work and save lives. More specifically, I desire to work as a police officer in a K-9 Unit. Twice a week I volunteer at Echo Glen Children’s Center—a place where kids convicted of felonies live, go to school, and learn how to re-direct their lives. While there, I hear stories about how K-9 officers and their dogs have tracked down many criminals and uncovered stashes of narcotics. Knowing that as a K-9 officer I could help teens’ lives by putting drug dealers behind bars, that as a patrol officer I could alter a child’s future by removing him from an abusive home, that as an officer in general I could inspire youth to pursue the high road, all of this defines why I desire to work in law enforcement. I know that the road to a career in law enforcement is long and difficult. But I am driven. I know anything—even the most difficult things—are possible when I put my mind to the task at hand. “My” kids at Echo Glen may have learned how to be a good citizen from me, but working with them pointed out a direction for my future.
 I am excited to see how God leads as I pursue this field of study.

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