Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My hero (3)

So far I've posted about heroes from the Bible and from older people who are like mentors to me. This third person is a different type of hero. She's the person who I can trust. She's the person who knows me well enough to call me out on things I'm doing wrong. She's the person who will talk with me for hours about life. She's the person who can point everything to Jesus and inspires me to live in view of him. She's the person I can text at any point of the day and she'll respond. And she's the person who I know really does pray for me.

Every day (and sometimes multiple times in a day) I think God for Emily Yeaton and that He's allowed her to be in my life.

Emily may not think of herself as a hero, but she has no idea how much she's taught me. In my mind, a hero is not just someone who saves the world. It's a person who you can look to for advice or as an example. Just in the past few months through her Jesus has been teaching me

  1. how to be content and even thrive wherever God puts you
  2. how to identify idols in my life
  3. be anxious for NOTHING
  4. that God will always provide a listening ear in my time of need
I love you Emily Yeaton.

P.S. She does save the her spare time

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  1. aww, anna!

    i love you too much. this is amazing, thank you. i'm very, very glad that i have you in my life.