Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blue badges and Pink peonies

Last night I visited my first Police Explorers meeting. It looks like an amazing group of kids, and what they do seems to be a little bit intense--but exactly what I'm looking for. So I'll turn in my application at the next meeting and we'll see where it goes from there. Hopefully someday soon I'll have some exciting news about that.

In Jazz Dance AND Advanced Acting we did push-ups today, and my arms are floppy and sore. I have a weird shoulder thing (which I'm hoping won't be a problem long-term!) and so doing push-ups kind of hurts, and plus I've neglected that part of my PT, leaving it for a later date when I have weight equipment to work with. My jazz teacher is ruthless. Not in a bad way, but I'm being pushed harder than I ever thought I'd be. She will make a dancer of me yet!

Recently the news about what's happening in Haiti has really hit me hard. Pastor Mark went down there for a few days and tweeted several things that broke my heart for those people. All this happened on Monday morning and that night before I went to work I decided that whatever I made in tips I would send to Haiti. Yes, that is usually the biggest part of my pay and it's kind of what's going to put me through college but I feel like if I don't give sacrificially--why give at all? So between me and God I went in and made $63 in tips that night (which is amazing for a Monday). I'm not saying this to boast about what a great kid I am or anything, I'm just hoping maybe someone somewhere will read this and realize that God might be calling them to give something as well. I'll probably be sending it to, the group Pastor Mark is part of.

That's all I really have to say. I'm kind of in the middle of a whirlwind, but it's nice. I think I'll be able to stay afloat--as long as I keep my priorities straight.

Evidences of God's Grace in my life:

  • Finding the Police Explorers
  • a great, encouraging, friendly table at work
  • remembering the dance combination
  • safety
  • ability to bless others financially

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  1. pink peonies.... ha.
    and also, i love how giving you are. i know money has been a huge issue for you and i'm so proud of you for giving so willingly!