Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hard Things

I get e-mails from a group called the Rebelution. They're all about teens doing things that are unexpected from people their age. For instance, I got an e-mail today about how some kid raised thousands of dollars for Haiti. I think that's amazing. Bravo!

But I've always been that kid who hates being outdone. Yes, I get caught in the trap of doing the right things for the wrong reasons ALL the time. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe because I want to be noticed. People call it a competitive nature but I know that's all of it. 

Anyway. When I read the title of that e-mail, my first reaction was "wow, there are some pretty darn amazing kids out there. And here I just think I've had a full day when I go to school, do homework, and go to work." But then, after struggling with this idea that there could be some large, beautiful, amazing project for me to work on that would end in a lot of press and congratulations from famous people, I kind of just sat back and thought for a few minutes. And you know what I came up with? Well I'll tell you :)

I would love to be famous. That would be amazing and maybe something will fall in my lap someday and that would be sweet. But I'm so happy where I am right now. I'm HAPPY to be working my butt off in school every day. I'm HAPPY to go running even when it's physically difficult. I'm HAPPY to work simply as a waitress. I'm HAPPY without knowing anyone famous. I'm HAPPY to work on friendships. I'm HAPPY at the possibility of sharing Jesus with people. I'm HAPPY with routine, and I'm HAPPY with where God has taken my life. Yeah, sure, there's a lot I don't have. But there's a lot I do have. Why should I go looking for fame or popularity when I'm so happy right where I am?

Being a Rebelutionary doesn't just mean doing huge, big, important things. Sometimes I think doing big things is easier than just being happy where I'm at. Every day I can do hard things as the Rebelution promotes. Being a faithful student is hard. Turning in papers when no one else does them on time because you really don't have to is hard. Showing up to class every day is hard. Driving the speed limit is hard. Holding my tongue at work is hard. Spending time with my family can be hard. Inability to spend time with friends is hard.

Today I reminded myself to be faithful in the little things. Be happy with where I'm at. And not just be happy, but THRIVE. Because this exactly where I need to be at this point and time. I don't know why, all I can do is persevere in what is before me.

....and be happy.

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