Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hopelink Housing

Today my cg moved a bunch of stuff we had collected over the past few weeks into an apartment for a single mom who needs a transitional place to live. The great thing is that we gathered a ton of furniture and stuff and when she leaves the transitional housing (in a year) she gets to take it all with her! So basically we're giving her a jump start on her future.

Some of the stuff we needed to find were a dining room table and chairs, bed, crib, couch, silverware, coffee table, pots and pans, garbage cans, and a ton of other stuff. Basically think about everything around you that you take for granted. None of us have a ton of money, plus it's supposed to be gently used stuff, so finding everything with a tight budget would be a challenge and we knew that. But Greg thought we should go for it--and so we did.

We had 2 weeks to pull everything together. What we didn't have by today, she won't have. For instance, if we didn't get a bed, when she moved in she wouldn't have a bed. Some things were ridiculously hard to find. Like an inexpensive dining room table and chairs.Those things STARTED around $99 at the thrift shop. But as we looked around the room that we pulled together this morning I realized that God worked some amazing miracles. We got a bed, table set, coffee table, crib, changing table, and many many more things for free and were able to find quite a collection of inexpensive things. It was really a miracle and it blew me away that God  showed us his grace and provision in such a clear way.

And like we talked about on Thursday night, our God is real. He's the God that blessed David in the Old Testament, he's the God that worked miracles in the New Testament, and he's the God that has this amazing heaven in store for Christians when we die. It blows me away when I really stop and think about how powerful our God is, and that he provides for ME. Who am I that he should love me? I'm just a normal kid who screws up like the best of 'em and thinks she can do it all on her own. That is truly amazing love.

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