Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why I love theater

Not much to report today other than I completed 3 finals. Yippee. Tomorrow I have the final I'm actually looking forward to. We get to play around on stage in front of people. I love acting. I really do. There's something fun about the challenge of becoming someone else--physically, emotionally, and verbally. Tomorrow I jump from being an 80+ year old bitter German grandmother with a limp to a 30 year old suicidal alcoholic on a bus to a 20 something who's preparing to marry a pop star. Anyone who's not an actor just can't understand. There isn't any fear when I walk on stage. Sure, I'm a little nervous that I'll forget lines or mess up blocking, but we've rehearsed enough that I know what I need to do to "become" that other person. And yet it's new every time. You can never perform the same exact scene the same exact way more than once. I've also learned to trust my scene partner. My second and fourth scenes are with people who I know have my back that entire scene. I know, it sounds really weird to someone who doesn't DO the theater thing. But you'll just have to trust me on this. When I walk onto the stage with Blaire and Marissa I know that no matter how terribly we mess up, it'll all turn out fine. Or that if we do an amazing job, it'll have been a group effort. In the end, theater is all about taking people out of their everyday lives and transporting them into an imaginary world. I think it's a beautiful thing.

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