Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poker Face

Theater kids are good for one thing: laughter.

The best part of the night is when everyone is backstage during the show and we're all laughing so hard, but so quietly, that it's beyond the "not able to breathe" phase. I love Ross, Sam, and Melanie (my fellow techies) and Brian (the almighty teacher) more than I can ever explain. Tonight I learned how to play poker and how to time my laughter with audience's. My fellow techies and I also created a new dance move--"The Brian" and spun that carousel of a set around one more time.

I had some sort of deep way to tie this into my life at one point. Now I'm just super tired and ready to crash. Tomorrow is another "early" morning, another night of tech, and another amazing day in this quarter I am loving so much!!

Evidence of God's grace: I was so concerned that teching would be terrible. That I would be lonely and miserable. But instead of a snobby, annoying group of people, God brought me some amazingly suh-weet peeps who make me excited for call every night! I mean, we're friends on Facebook, so it MUST be official!!

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  1. LOL That's what I say, we're not real friends until we are facebook friends!