Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No such thing as free money

You may think scholarships are free money. They're not. Last night I found out I've officially been re-admitted to CWU. I also got 2 e-mails about scholarships. One of them is from my current community college. The scholarship will pay up to $30,000 for sophomore transfer students. Amazing, yes? It's a national scholarship and only 2 students from each college go on to the national selection process. The faculty who will be head of deciding who makes the cut happens to be my favorite prof. However, the scholarship process is long and there are a bazillion things I have to do/people I have to talk to.

The other scholarship e-mail I received is one from CWU. It's the theater arts scholarships/audition for the Bachelor of Fine Arts program. The audition is intense. Two songs, a monologue, a prepared jazz/ballet combination, an interview, a callback, an on the spot dance number we have to perform, and the normal resume, headshot, etc. I looked up the scholarship info and there are 4 $1,000 scholarships and 5 FULL TUITION scholarships! I can't even begin to express how amazing it would be to get anything to help out. Plus I have 4 other CWU scholarship applications I'm working on. So lest you think scholarships are free--they are anything BUT free. The process (for me at least) is extremely stressful and the thought of working so hard and getting rejected is hard.

That coupled with the fact that I'm already having money issues (i.e. I spend too much on people. Especially with Christmas. If I see something that I know someone would love--I have to get it for them. ugh.) and my phone broke so I have to get a new one, and my socks have holes in them, and I have the monthly bills...ugh it's so overwhelming right now.

I'll post evidences of God's grace later.

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  1. I sooo know what you mean about scholarships being alot of work, I've been working through some of the same type of stuff. I figured though, taking into account the monetary amount of the scholarship and how long I spent working on the application, I don't know of any open jobs paying $500+/hour! ...assuming I actually do get the scholarship...