Saturday, December 12, 2009

My hero (1)

You know how you always hear that it's good to have a hero in the Bible? Well today I think I found mine.


The only woman judge that I can remember in the Bible. Deborah is one of those people that I feel like if you spent an hour with her you'd be so inspired by her incredible faith. But not only was she a dedicated follower of Jesus, she also was strong and courageous. These days women are told it's good to be strong. The tougher, more independent from men you are, the better. But she wasn't full of herself and saying "look at me--I'm a JUDGE. Look all you men--I'm more powerful than all of you!" She coupled her power with humility and realized it all comes from God.

She also told Barak to go into battle. That's scary stuff. Not only that, but she went with him and helped give him the courage to fight when he needed to. She didn't ask anyone to do things she wouldn't. Awesome leader.

I love how Deborah isn't afraid of the social pressures, either. Now, with wanting to be a cop, people just look at me differently. It's like even though feminism is at an all time high, being a down to earth girl who wants to BE the difference in someone's life--that's not what's culturally accepted. I should be aiming for a high-paying position in a corporation, or to be a politician, or a professor. That is, if I'm one of THOSE girls who wants to step out and be different.

Yeah I want to be different, but not the feminist who always gets her way--the courageous and steadfast Deborah. That's the kind of woman I want to be. Strong--but knowing my strength comes from Jesus. Knowing I need to rely on Him, but that He will lift me up.

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