Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The greatest

Allow me a minute to marvel about Christmas.

So Jesus has it all. Power, position, wealth, love, and then he realizes that the way things currently stand--the people he loves and really cares about can't join him in heaven forever. Bummer. But he really really really loves those people! So he decides that the people are more important than his comfort, his security, his popularity, and he--knowing he's going to live through hell--decides to step down from the lifestyle he once had and join them.

So he does, and no one realizes how awesome (literally) he is, and they treat him like every other person they've ever met. They get mad at him, they make him laugh, but they don't treat him near what he's used to.

In the end, he did it all for the people he loves so much.

How can I not respond by loving him back?

Evidence of God's grace--he chose to be like us so that he could make us blameless in the end

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