Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Thank You/I love you/you make my day/it's the little things that make me happy poem

Sunday morning comes and starts a great day,
I walk into church and Jon says "hey" 
and I smile because I have people I know
people who come and people who go.

Service begins with a bang,
David on drums and Thad's band sang,
children dance with joyful hearts,
Mars Hill Church officially starts.

Throughout the week I might get a text
sometimes they make me happy, sometimes I get vexed,
but often, if it's Emily, 
I'll glance at it and burst "tee hee!"

Though the wind blows through the trees,
chilling sad zebras and freezing busy bees,
my car always keeps me nice and warm,
braving its way through the crazy winter storm.

Every Monday off I go
to work for mister Galliano,
Master Chief, he works then too,
without Peter I don't know what I'd do!

Thursday--oh what places to be!
Echo Glen kids always smile at me,
multitudes of dogs to train,
in the snow or in the rain.

Then off I go to Avondale CG,
The people there are special to me,
Patrick, Heather, Michelle, and Josh,
Jill, and Michael, and Taylor, oh gosh.

Lindsey and Jason make a great pair,
and for Halloween Greg had great hair,
Me out of my comfort zone they drag,
My faith is growing and I'm learning not to brag.

What can I say for a friend who's always there?
Who never ever leaves me and always says a prayer.
Jillian Rose has been there through thick and thin, 
saying "I'm sorry, Anna" and forcing me to grin. (itsok)

My drama pals and I always have a blast,
Especially me and Alyssa who'll be friends to last,
some day we'll go to church together...
maybe dinner too, better late than never!

(break: I know you're probably getting bored, so I'll finish up fast!)

I love how Laura always calls me "babe"
And over the years Mary's friendship I did save
Caroline one phrase for you--"shutup ;)"
Tyler makes my day with "'Sup?"

Christmas cards from unexpected people,
hearing a bell ring in a church steeple,
finding a scrunchie that still wraps tight,
peering up at the sky and million dots of light.

Stares from people when I bring a guide dog,
Claim Jumper with Jill till I feel like a hog,
A song on my Zune that I haven't heard in years,
talking to Adam when I sell tons of beers.

A post on my Facebook wall from anyone I know,
Looking at Adam Sidiali's webpage and seeing it glow,
Thinking about police work and helping the weak,
Reading my Bible and "hearing" God speak.

I am thankful for my life.

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