Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm moving tomorrow. So today is crazy packing day. I might get to babysit this evening, which would be really great!! I've had a really fantastic week, though. Like yesterday I hung out with Mary and Abby. Afterwards, I went to Panera for lunch and saw Arielle and Mrs. Rivard and talked with them for a little while, too! AND it was my mom's birthday so we had the whole family go out to Red Robin. It was just a fun day.

Thursday night I started getting nervous...just about the details. Will I like my floor? Will my room be big enough? Will I make new friends quickly enough? Will someone show me how to get internet set up & how the cafeteria works? (Cause it's really wierd) There's just so much change. I'm really hoping that the transition will go smoothly....and the good thing is that I know everyone else in my dorm is making the same move. Although most of them are probably returning students. But whatever. That just means there'll be more people to help me out! :)

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