Wednesday, September 8, 2010

11 days

This afternoon was my busiest day (so far) in September. I had lunch with Danielle, met up with my roommate, and then coffee with Hannah. It was all really great! I can't say I had a favorite out of the three. Danielle is just goofy and I think she brings out a side of me that rarely anyone ever gets to see. We had lunch at Panera and then went shopping for her new apartment at Target. I even convinced her to buy a very unnecessary but cute piggy bank which I named Gus. And for the rest of the time with her, Gus and I bonded. Let's just say that I don't think Danielle will ever be able to see Gus without thinking of me :)

It was awesome to meet Alex and apparently we're pretty similar! We have similar sleep schedules, similar values, and similar opinions on partying etc. She doesn't have a boyfriend and is excited that I'm bringing my espresso machine :) I just think we'll fit well together. The funniest thing is that she has black and purple colors to her stuff and I have black and lime green. So they'll compliment each other well. I'm just excited. She says she's the kind of person who loves having the room's door open so that people can stop by and hang out. I love her already.

And then there's Hannah. What can I say about Hannah? Well, anything I say will be taken the wrong way online, so let's just say that I like her very much and leave it at that.

I've decided to start packing up my stuff that I'm taking with me. And I should also probably start on washing all my clothes and stuff. Since I have brand new towels, sheets, etc. and most of it is colored, I figured I should wash them before I go so that the colors are all set when I get there. Like people keep telling me, it's an exciting time.

Evidences of God's grace: people that God put in my life and the ability to be much more open that I love Jesus--even with people I don't really know

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