Saturday, September 11, 2010

come, come fallen ones/dance in the healing stream

It's early in the day, so there may be more evidences of God's grace that show up today, but this one is so exciting to me that I just had to post. I'm interviewing for a job on campus working in one of the little Cafes. From the phone conversation I had with the lady, it sounded to me like if I came in for the interview that I'll get the job. :) Sure, it's not the best job in the world and sure, I've done harder jobs. But at this point it's the fact that God may have provided me with a source of income--even if it's not the most fun, it makes me so joyful!

The deal with paying for college is that I have enough cash and scholarships to get me through winter quarter for sure, and maybe part of spring quarter. But with a job, I'm pretty sure that the rest of the funding will come in.

Thank you, Jesus.

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