Monday, September 20, 2010

Here I am...

in my dorm room. I have everything totally set up, and I love it. All I need is food. But I'll get some tomorrow. It's a really nice room. Not super big, but it's not the closet that some of my friends had. My roommate is cool. She's been a big help, showing me around everywhere and answering a million and one questions. I still feel awkward, though, without any friends. I would trade the nice room to have friends right now. And I KNOW it takes time, so no one needs to tell me that. It's just annoying to have to go eat lunch alone. I actually just decided NOT to eat because I didn't want to eat alone. That's also partially why I'm getting more food to have in my room. And tomorrow I'm also getting milk so I can make coffee!! :)

I have no idea what's going on tonight. Since we're not a Freshman dorm, we don't really have all those "welcome weekend" activities. I'll probably just watch a movie. I had my first day of work today, too, and I'm just exhausted.

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