Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh, listen to the music

God is so good. Praise and recognition really means a lot to me. My challenge to myself this quarter was to do my job for the Lord, not for attention or competition. But, at the end of the college career, it means SO much to me to know that everything I've done for the past 2 years has been noticed. Recognition is just God's way of telling me "hey, you're doing alright!"

Now, I use this blog for two main reasons: to chronicle what's happening in my life because I tend to forget what life used to be like, and to keep my bestie who's in India right now apprised of what's happening in my life. The rest of this post is going to be mainly the first if you don't like people talking about themselves, now would be a good time to stop reading.

Still here? awesome. In the past few weeks I've received the following:
  • Dean's Scholar
  • Graduating Magna Cum Laude
  • Com Department Excellence in Research award
  • Lovely poster from RHLC
  • RHA/NRHH Outstanding Leadership Pin 
  • RHA cords
  • Programming Hall of Fame
  • West Basetties Program of the Year award
  • Hats off to ya' award
Dean's Scholar--this ties in directly with graduating Magna Cum Laude. Basically, I had decent grades while I was here at CWU. Because of said grades, I'm graduating not only with honors but as one of 34 people in the entire College of Arts and Humanities to be a Dean's Scholar. I'm blown away. I think grades are the factor that determines who is awarded this, but one of my good friends, Eli, has great grades and didn't get Dean's not sure exactly what factors in to the decision.

Com Excellence in Research--Since I'm doing original research for my senior thesis, I received this award. Apparently, receiving an award at the Com banquet is a big deal. Not everyone wins something. I have worked my behind off on my thesis, so it feels wonderful to see that my professors recognize the work I put in.

RHLC poster--several of my residents wrote not just little "have a good year" notes, but full paragraphs about how much they appreciate me. One said something to the effect of "if I could create an RA from scratch, they would be just like you." As an RA, there are people who just won't like you. And that's tough for me to deal with, since I live with them every day and try to have a positive relationship. To hear that kind of thing, makes this job SO worth it.

RHA/NRHH Outstanding Leadership Pin--this is the one that brought me to tears because I was not expecting it in a million years. RHA is the Residence Hall Association. NRHH is their sister organization. Basically, we plan programs, help residents, spread the word about things, etc. I've been an advisor this year and part of last year as an RA. Every year the executive boards can award a total of 8 outstanding leadership pins and 8 bronze pins. Out of everyone at RHA and NRHH, Brett chose to pick me for his outstanding leadership pin. This is a huge honor. He said "I was surprised this person hasn't been recognized at this level yet. She has an incredible community and just spreads joy wherever she goes. Even though she isn't part of NRHH, I would like to award this pin to Anna..." I think the coolest thing about this is that I don't really know Brett. So apparently, the light that Jesus has allowed me to be is spreading beyond what I realize.
with Brett after being awarded the OL pin

RHA cords--basically, it's honors cords for all the work I've put into RHA. Considering I've led several RHLC meetings by myself, and helped with a ton of little things (when no other staff members consistently did), I'm super excited to be graduating with the support of RHA.

Programming Hall of Fame--basically I did a lot of programs. A lot. Only Khylee and I ever got that from Beck. This year.

Program of the Year--The Green Dot program that Nicole, Andrea, and I worked so hard on, and got such great staff and student participation received campus-wide recognition!

Hats off to ya'--this is another one that almost brought me to tears. One of the people I admire the most here  is one of our Assistant Directors of Housing, Jenna Hyatt. She is an incredible woman of faith and is genuinely sweet and caring. She said she has gotten to award this for 15 years, to 3 people on the housing staff team each year. 3 out of over 120 staff. She awarded one to me and her words were: for integrity, outstanding leadership, and said "I could tell you 1,000 stories of why this person deserves it." I am just blown away by how much of an honor it is to receive recognition from such a wonderful woman.

That's been my last few weeks. Every day I'm just so blessed. I feel like God is looking down and saying "you did well." And the best part is that hopefully some of these people know, like I've told my boss, that I don't compare myself to others. I hold myself to a standard of excellence because I'm doing my work for Jesus--not for other people.

As of now, there are 7 days until I graduate.

VIRGIN Jell-o shots with my girls (Nicole, Riley, and me)
3rd floor RAs....we're just THAT epic

Straight thuggin' at the Bassetties BBQ

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