Friday, November 27, 2009

This Day I Thank You, Jesus

It’s been SO long since I’ve posted. But I’ve been hit pretty hard with how unthankful we are as a culture. On my Facebook yesterday, I posted “thanksgiving should be a lifestyle” not just a holiday. I attempt to remind myself of how blessed I am by once a week or so having my journaling be a list of evidences of God’s grace. Let me share some of my recent ones:
  • Jill Bakke–a faithful friend
  • an amazing community group and its leaders
  • a warm, safe house
  • getting a 95% on a hard paper
  • breaks in between the rain clouds
  • laughing with co-workers
  • dinner with Allie Dunham
  • provision for our community group’s Halloween neighborhood party
  • rest
  • Caroline Forsythe’s determination to be happy at Hillsdale College
  • satisfaction with performance of my monologue
  • Mars Hill Church
  • peace during arguments
  • Emily Yeaton and Heather Day praying for me
  • great times in The Word
  • recognition of sin
  • health
  • courage to read my Bible at school
  • stamps to mail cards
  • sun
  • Thanksgiving with my whole family
  • $102 in tips the day before Thanksgiving
  • Christmas music
  • a day in downtown Seattle
  • courage to pursue scary, but potentially life-changing possibilities
  • my kids at Echo Glen
Enjoy your weekend–I’m going to really try to keep posting on here, even if it’s just to post the evidences of God’s grace for the day.

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