Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm addicted and I just can't get enough

I love Pinterest. Especially now, as I'm starting to figure out what I want my apartment to look/be like. One brilliant thing I found is the blog Blissful and Domestic. She gives wonderful ideas for how to live on a budget. This shall be my project when I start working next week. I figure, I'll have 2 months to plan a budget, work on shopping at thrift stores for stuff, and get in a routine before I move and throw a wrench in everything.

Right now, the plan is to hit Ikea after I see the actual space I'll be living in. I've already assembled a pallet TV stand, ransacked Value Village for kitchen stuff, and repaired my little old car's broken parts all by myself (with a little help from my dad and 1A Auto). I think the next thing on my to-do list will be these:

DIY canvas photos. I plan on having pictures everywhere in my house, so this is awesome. Between those and these:

there will be pictures EVERYWHERE!!! And thus, I am excited.

And then, there's these:
Chicago Ferris Wheel - printed on Recycled Vintage Dictionary Paper - 8x10.5Seattle Space Needle Building - printed on Recycled Vintage Dictionary Paper - 8x10.5San Francisco Goldengate - printed on Recycled Vintage Dictionary Paper - 8x10.5The NY Brooklyn Bridge 02 - printed on Recycled Vintage Dictionary Paper - 8x10.5 I'm thinking living room material?

Oh, I also decided that my kitchen will be coffee-themed, and my bathroom will be duck-themed. very excited.

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