Friday, July 20, 2012

Calm in the storm

Last night at 10pm, Hollie and I lined up to see the premiere of the 3rd Batman movie. Little did we know that about an hour later, people watching the same movie in Colorado would be in the midst of a shooting.

It's still kind of surreal. Facebook is full of posts about how guns should be banned. Petitions are being signed, and so many people are angry. More than anything, I'm sad. Sad that someone would get to a place in his life that he would do something like this. Sad for the families of the 12 dead movie-goers, and for the family of the gunman. Sad that things like this are used as fuel on the "anti-gun" fire. Sad when I think of how many people must feel hopelessness and intense grief.

I found this article posted on Facebook today. It's from a woman who was there and she talks about how God is merciful even in the midst of stuff like this. How cool is that. Sure, there were some snarky comments by readers about how useless religion is (okay, really people? You're entitled to your own beliefs....but she is why attack her beliefs when she doesn't attack yours? *rant ended*), but it's still a beautiful post about God's love and his nature. Read it if you get a chance.

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