Monday, March 26, 2012

Return of the Ducklings

This is always one of my favorite days of the quarter. Everyone is coming back from their spring breaks and I get to hear all the stories! I love seeing my  resident's happy shining faces because (most of them) are excited to be back. They tell me all about their adventures but it ends with "but I've missed you so much!" And I love hearing noise all around me again. People are talking everywhere! And I missed the "Anna I have a question for you" moments. Or the "Anna I need you to____." And I've missed the happy smiling faces that pass my door all the time. So yeah, I'm glad they're back.

The big green chair has already gotten two uses for the quarter. Best RA investment EVER. If you haven't met my chair, it is the perfect combo of fuzzy and soft and you sink into it just perfectly and it's big enough that you can fit 2 people, or curl up in it, or whatever your little heart desires.

But anyway, today has been great. Evidences of God's Grace:

  • pudding cup
  • cheap paper for grad announcements
  • laughing with residents
  • having good conversations
  • Kelsie

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