Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and of course I must do the obligatory thankfulness post. I'm thankful first and foremost for Jesus. I have my days that I'm totally in tune with what He wants, and days where I could care less, but I know always, ALWAYS, that he loves me more than anything and that makes me feel so special!

Right after Jesus, I'm thankful for my friends. These are a unique group of people who range from loud and outgoing to quiet and reserved. Some are mega smart and some are just normal (like me!). Some are ambitious, others are content. Some are artistic, others are athletic. Some are great at communicating, and some suck. But all of them make me the happiest girl ever. I know that I have several dozen people who honest to goodness care about my life and what direction it takes. I know there are at least a few who have the guts to stand up to me and challenge my beliefs, thoughts, and actions. And because of what God has done through them, I am a better person.

Also, I'm very thankful for the daily things we take for granted. Safety. Toilets. Heat. Water. Money. Good food. Computers. Internet. Pictures. Clothing. Movies. Coffee. Gloves. Soap.

And there is a category I wouldn't have mentioned last year--the police force. I am SO thankful for the wealth of information about not only the job I want to do, but also life in general that I have learned from being an Explorer, talking with officers, going to Academy, and riding with officers. Going to Academy was literally one of the most life-changing moments I've ever had. I know I can do whatever I set my mind to--whether I feel like it's possible or not.

Yay. Happy Thanksgiving!

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