Wednesday, June 9, 2010

End In Sight

I will never ever again write a paper for Bellevue College. Ever.

It's pretty smooth sailing from here--2 labs, 2 final tests, and 2 final presentations and I'm done by the 18th. Thank you, God. Literally.

I had a lovely dinner with my little sis. I feel better about her dating this boy, but worse at the same time. I'm just looking forward to having a talk with him because I feel like that determines my view of the whole relationship. I think K is coming from the right point of view, but she just needs to be careful. So after finals, K and S and I will hang out and then S and I will have a "talk" (during which I will find out if he's worthy of dating my little sister) and then I'll head off to Central.

It was funny because K and I were talking about how we should totally do a double date.....the problem being I don't have any guys I'm comfortable enough with to ask them to be my "date". lol. *sigh*

P.s. I'm slacking off in reading my Bible again. I'm still talking with Jesus and listening to sermons, but just not reading. I should get on that.

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  1. Thanks for taking care of her. I so wish I could just be there and hang out with you guys. Love you both so much!